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Important Parent Information Regarding Cell Phones and Hats/Hoodies

Dear LMS families,

Teachers read a critical announcement to all students today. We are continually working on making LMS a better place. We as a staff feel confident that being transparent, diligent and united around these issues will make for a more productive and caring school environment. As you read the announcement below please take to heart this:

A child is ALWAYS more successful and happy when they see that the school supports home and that home supports school. Please work with us to help ensure that your students are engaging in respectful behaviors as we enforce these policies. It sends a mixed message to a child when school and home are not on the same team. I can reassure you that the teachers of LMS love your student and will continually work to support your kid not only at school, but in their life outside of this environment.


LMS Administration

Here is the announcement that was read:

LMS students who are super amazing and that we love so much:

Please listen to the following VERY carefully as there will be some clear expectations read to you regarding policies that will be carried out strictly by ALL your teachers starting on Tuesday, February 19th.

At LMS we are committed to giving you an education that prepares you not only for high school, but for the real world. In the real world, you will have a career and laws that require you to follow rules that you may or may not agree with.

These are some rules that we need you to follow for your personal safety, the safety of others and to prepare you to be a good citizen in your community:

Hoods/Hats/Beanies/Ear Buds:
There are to be NO hoods/hats/beanies/
ear buds on or visible between 8:00 am-3:00 pm at any time in the hallways, including outdoor breezeways, and in our building. This is truly for your safety for two major reasons:
We need to be able to identify all students and adults in our building at all times. If we cannot see your face or you cannot hear communication being given to you could be putting yourself in a dangerous situation. Armed intruders often have masks, hoods, beanies or other ways to mask their identity.
We need to be able to identify students on our video surveillance. If we can identify your whereabouts because we can see your face then you cannot be accused of being involved in an issue that may lead to discipline. Again, this is for YOUR safety.
If you are wearing them and do not remove them when requested by the adult you will be required to talk to administration and we will make a phone call home. If you are continually wearing them you may have detentions or other consequences.

You are to arrive to class on time. If you have 3 tardies to a class you will be assigned an After School Detention (ASD) to serve with that teacher. If you have 4 tardies you will receive an office referral and be assigned a Wednesday School, which is a one and a half hour after school detention.

Cell Phones:
We know how much you all love your phones. Unfortunately, our society is seeing an increase in addiction to phones. They are also used inappropriately and to harm others. This school year, we have seen a large increase in referrals and many of these issues start with cell phones. During the hours of 8:00 am-3:00 pm it is our job to make you a life long learner. This includes knowing how to set boundaries and interact appropriately with others; cell phones are not required for this, and often make it harder to reach this goal.

Due to recent issues with students using their phones at either: inappropriate times, texting parents from the bathroom without coming to the office, filming other students without their consent, filming students who are fighting on or off campus and sharing inappropriate pictures and texts with other students we will be STRICTLY enforcing our cell phone policy:
Cell phones & other personal devices must be TURNED OFF and PUT AWAY between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm at ALL TIMES.
Cell phones can be stored
in: lockers, backpacks, back pockets, and/or sweatshirt or coat pockets. They may NOT be placed on top of desks, be held in hands or in binders/pencil pouches.
If you need to use the bathroom in any of your classes you will be required to place your cell phone on your teacher’s desk in order to receive a hall pass.
No personal cell phones will be used to do any research, Xtra Math, or any assignments in your classes. Chromebooks and computer labs will be used only.
No cell phones will be used at FLEX at any time; including the cafeteria. If you would like to play card games and visit with your friends during cafeteria flex you can.
Peer Assistants may not use cell phones at any time.
Cell phones are not allowed to be used in locker rooms or bathrooms at any time.
If you need to talk to a parent you may ask your teacher to come to the office and we will arrange for you to do so.
If your parent needs to get a hold of you they may call the office and we will make sure a message gets to you.
If you do not follow our cell phone policy your phone will be brought to the office and a call home to parents will be made. After the second time, a parent will be required to pick up the phone from the office. After the third time, a parent will be required to pick up the phone AND it will need to be turned into the office every day or not be brought to school.

We know that this new policy will be hard for many of you. At
Lincoln We Never Stop Learning and right now we are going to focus on how to connect on a human level and increase our academic rigor.